Tashi dele!

I’m Sonja. I was born in Kuusankoski, Finland. I lived in Xidang Village in Northwestern Yunnan, China for 2,5 years. I came there in July 2009 and to set up a guesthouse with a local Tibetan family. After that i lived for a year in Hara village (http://nomadchina.blog.com/) and for a while also in Shangri-la. All together for 4 years. And now i’m back in Xidang although only for a few months visiting my Tibetan family.

Me in mom's dress


11 responses to “Tashi dele!

  1. Hello, I like the way you talk of your place. I have the project to visit Deqen and Feilai Si, the 9 or 10 of may. Would it be possible to go directly to Xidang from Zhongdian. So we can leave or suitcase to walk arond with only or mountain bag. What will be the cost for two persons, room and meals ? Do we need warm sleeping bags. Thanks for your reply. Regards.
    A. Cart
    PS I have not found your email, I hope you can get read of this comment !

  2. Hi Sonja,

    Please keep you blog going. I love to hear your stories. I cycled from Kandze to Dabpa a few years ago. I want to come back some day. How do you manage the Chinese Visa to stay so long?


  3. Sonja,
    I stayed at the guest house almost exactly two years ago and stayed in the loft before windows were installed. It was an fun experience, and I could tell that the place had a lot of potential. That whole area is astonishingly beautiful, but life there seems hard. I imagine that you’re the only foreigner who lives there practically year-round. Are you getting sufficient meat in your diet these days? It’s great to read your blog and I hope you keep it up because you have a unique perspective to comment on this remote and fascinating corner of China.

    • Oh, hi!
      No, still eating big fat unless i’m cooking my own. I’ve been busy writing my thesis but now it’s nearly finished, so I’ll have more time write other stuff.

  4. Ciao Sonia
    Greats from Italy
    We saw et zondghian by Marco restorant
    Bye bye

  5. Hello, Sonja,

    My daughter, Shannon and I visited you just over a year ago and had a very special time. We also hiked to the Mingyong Glacier while there. We followed the Mekong from Zadoi, on the Tibetan Plateau to the river’s mouth in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and photographed the whole way. We finally got our self-published photo book (Blurb) completed and would like to send you a copy. Can you e-mail us your address so we can send you a copy? Our visit at Nomad was one of the highlights of our long journey and we will never forget you and your kindness to us.

    Very best wishes,

    Chuck and Shannon

    • We spent a week around Yubeng and Xidang. Excellent hiking and friendly people.

      Following the Mekong sounds amazing. How is such a trip arranged?

      • It’s independent travelling, I don’t think there are ready tours for it. Weixi region is likely to get more popular now that the new road is done but is still pretty tourist free area and gorgeous scenery. There are buses towards Weixi from Shangri-la and Deqin (also minivans for the smaller places along the way).

  6. Hello Sonja
    do you think it is a good time to hike in the area in June? thanks and hope to see you soon Lynn

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