Our house 2014

Our house

Our house

There have been quite a few changes done since I left more than a year ago. They have built the long awaited toilets/showers! Now there’s no need to bother the relatives or hike up to the hot spring to get a shower. And i think the toilet is the cleanest room in the house. For some reason it’s ok to kill flies in the toilet but not in the kitchen.

Storage building & toilets/showers

Storage building & toilets/showers

The wooden storage building has been moved up here from the old house. Before I left I bought a new washing machine but the electricity was so bad that it wasn’t enough to run the machine. Now there’s a new power line through the village and going all the way to Yubeng so now the machine works. Not that it’s much use to me as women’s clothes below the waste are believed to pollute the machine so besides shirts I still have to hand wash my clothes. Mom is also a bit confused why we can wash the sheets in the machine but not our pants. And I’m wondering why the plastic buckets are so much more pollution resistant than a washing machine as previously it was enough that men’s clothes weren’t washed in the same water as women’s clothes but the buckets we used were the same ones.

Main room

Main room

The main room hasn’t changed much except that now we have a fridge. Mom had put some meat in the freezing compartment and complained that it’s too cold, everything sticks to the ice. So they had decided to turn the power down a bit. Then they were worried that the thing is broken as there was power but meats just started to rot. Well, they had turned the power off but the lights were working.


Dad has been putting tiles on top of the walls so that they wouldn’t be eroded so easily by rain and now they are also building a new kitchen.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

So slowly, slowly it’s getting done!



4 responses to “Our house 2014

  1. Anne-Marita

    Hienoa, että ovat saaneet taloa valmiimmaksi ja etenkin vessan ja suihkun!

  2. Eila Kuivalainen

    On ne tosi yritteliästä väkeä. Noin hienot oltavat luulisi tuovan turistejakin!? Ja sähkötkin nyt kunnossa.
    Hyvät kertovat kuvat .

  3. Interesting to learn about your return to Xidang. I hope you’ll explain in a future post why you returned and how long you plan to stay.

    • I’m now doing a Ph.D. at the Leiden University and came back to Xidang for my fieldwork for only 2 months. That time is almost finished now bu money permitting I would like to come back for the Chinese new year. Winter is the time for all sorts of celebrations and next year is the year of Gawa Kepo so thousands of pilgrims are expected.

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